Why Lunapera Lamps Are High Quality Luxe

The Origins of Glass Art

There’s something to be said about the enchanting quality of blown glass art from Poland--its organic yet sculptural shapes, the translucent patterns reflecting light onto a room, its solidity and simultaneous lightness--an ages-old craft that conveys timelessness and opulence. The craft has been in Polish culture for more than two-thousand years, being used for sumptuous jewellery and luxury goods that were likely traded for prestige. In modern times, these glass artefacts retain the same beauty and elegance that held sway over the ancient Poles. Today, Lunapera has merged tradition and contemporary aesthetics to create a new sense of high quality luxe.

Lunapera’s Dynamic Design Duo

Anita Dantved is one half of the duo comprising Lunapera. Giving a sneak peek of their process, she explains that the company they use is a substantial one: “It’s a big company in Poland which specialises in blowing glass for lighting,” sharing that such artisan companies specialising in Polish blown glass are not that many in the world--there are “between ten or fifteen such big places in Europe”. Between her and Agnieszka Tondryk, the other half of Lunapera, they take great care with every step of the process. From the raw materials to be used for the craft, the design process, to the parts creating these functional sculptures, both of them synthesise all of this to create true works of art.

Design uden navn5png

Partner at Lunapera Agnieszka Tondryk & Anita Dantved

Having started out as underdogs with a fresh eye for art, finding the right glassblowers to help create the functional art pieces they envisioned did not begin easily. Lunapera shares that “We contacted one of the companies in Poland and they actually made the first prototype which was very expensive. We were not satisfied; there was just something about the shape, which was not really what we wanted.”

With enough grit, the pair eventually found the specific company they work with that supports these artisans and understands their specific artistic goals and dedication to high quality. To create these kinds of pieces “has so many components, so many different things you need to put together,” Anita adds. “It's a different kind of production process from producing utility glass.”

High Quality Production Process

Lunapera shares that most people might see these lighting pieces and assume that they are easy to construct because of how effortless the lamps look, but the truth is that it involves so much handpicked work. From choosing the right artists within the Polish glass blowing company and sourcing fabric from Holland, not to mention the involved design process that the duo undertakes, creating each piece takes immense amounts of skill and a keen eye for aesthetics every step of the way.

Each piece takes painstaking time and effort. So how long does it take to create a single piece? “If you have a single lamp, the process of creating the glass will probably be like two weeks,” Anita says, explaining that depending on the piece itself--how customised a customer wants it, or the materials they choose--will determine the length of time a single piece is made by the design team and the artisans.

POPRAWIONAjpgIMG_0209-3 cutAjpg

Technical drawing and white glass fod in the process of hand made production


White glas lamp in combination with 2 different lampshades

 “It's about getting all the different kinds of parts in the decision making process and to find the product and so yeah, I would say from 8 to 12 months.” That is the timeline for a new design–true commitment to high quality.

White Lamp with White or Gold lampshade. Pictures from wholesale Kler A/S Look book & Showroom

Because of the uniqueness and rarity of materials Lunapera uses, the designer pair have come up with ingenious solutions to create a piece that conveys the graceful contemporary vision they have. 

Anita gives us a glimpse into the design process: “We actually made our own material,” adding that they had been connected to a company specialising in wallpapers. Wanting to incorporate these wallpapers’ sophisticated tastes into their design, they thought of a design solution: they “put it inside the lampshade - as a decoration.”



Cyan dark glass with velvet lampshade and peacock motives from a wallpaper printed on material

Elegant Designs for Generations to Come

With their commitment to a true modern high quality luxe aesthetic, the duo have created multiple one-of-a-kind pieces that any art collector would enjoy. How does Lunapera balance luxury and art with timelessness?

Lunapera says that their “kind of luxury is something you can inherit in a couple of years or when you get older; what we see is a product that you can actually give to your children or your grandchildren,” adding that “in that sense it’s also more sustainable. So, the luxury is beyond functionality.


Black Lamp from The Trio Collection

Ultimately Lunapera designs lighting that is also “a piece of furniture, when it's becoming a piece of decoration,” which gives a space the feeling of exclusiveness and richness. With a keen eye for design, knowing where excellent materials can be found, and how to bring it all together, Lunapera lamps are high quality heirloom pieces that are both contemporary and classic, ensuring value and elegance for generations to come.