We are friends who have known each other for years, at some point, we were both to make our career decisions, it came rather naturally to decide that we could take our own futures into our hands and do it together, creating something beautiful at the same time.

We are both mothers of two children each and both have successful careers and work experience in different fields (business administration and teaching).

In terms of interior design, although brought up in different cultures and countries, we both share love for beautiful things. We value freshness combined with tradition, coziness both in shape and colour and practicality and utility of things that we create.


We were not looking for inspiration it found us......


The idea of making the lamps we have created came when we were lingering over a small red lamp, inconspicuously standing in Anita's living room. Her grandmother had made it many years before. All of a sudden we became interested in the way it had been made. We then decided we actually wanted to create something similar, somehow continuing what Anita's grandma had done with her talent and passion.

The shape came next. It was quite obvious for us that roundness means cosiness, cuddliness and comfort and therefore we went for the shape of a pear. The product we have created is something we are proud of. We have brought into it our dedication, passion, determination and attention to detail. It is its shape, quality and colour, which in our opinion makes it unique......

Aga / Anita